Monday, April 24, 2017

Rise Fitness Final Project Artifact

I created this poster for our website to promote Rise Fitness. I decided to use the "hobo std" font for our slogan because I felt like it really popped out and created a sense of excitement. I chose to use this photo because I truly believe that it is very empowering. It shows someone in a wheel chair leading the way in an exercise. At the same time it showcases a very diverse group of people participating in the exercise.  We want EVERYONE to feel welcomed into our gym no matter what type of disability they have or even if they don't have one and I think this poster ad does a really good job at portraying that. We want everyone to believe they can achieve whatever they set their mind to at our wonderful facility. Rise Fitness!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Compose Your Frame

I decided to use this photo that was taken of me in the narrows at Zions National Park. My friend took this photo of me September 6th, 2016. The graphic vectors in this photo have a strong sense of direction and strong architectural angles. Seeing me in the photo and everything else around me speaks for itself. These vectors encourage eye movement through the frame by staring at the water and looking all the way up to the small portion of the sky captured in this image. The vector lines/patterns etched in the walls of this slot canyon force the z-axis attraction.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Design Evaluation

(Bad Design) The logo for the newly Los Angeles Chargers is absolutely terrible. Gestalts principle of similarity is in full effect on this one. As you can see, my beloved Chargers completely copied the LA Dodgers logo. Gestalts principle of similarity talks about how a perception lends itself to seeing stimuli that physically resemble each other as part of the same object. Now I think I speak for everyone when I say the resemblance of these two logos are uncannily identical with the exception of the Chargers blue being a little darker and the end of the L turns into part of a bolt.

 (Good Design) Now this photo I chose as a representation of the San Diego Chargers logo is beautiful. Gestalts principle of proximity is applicable to this design. Part of the principle of proximity refers to the way smaller elements are "assembled" in a composition. This photo portrays 3 elements assembled together to compose one logo which represents a professional football team. The principle of proximity also talks about how grouping words also changes the visual and psychological meaning of the composition in non-verbal ways unrelated to their meaning. Now when you see this picture as a whole, I think the meaning of the words relate to the actual meaning for the example I chose only because "San Diego" and "Chargers" are exactly what they used to be called and represent. Beyond that, this is a really cool picture though. The design this artist used was unique the way he made the words look metallic and glossy. It really creates somewhat of a 3D effect and most importantly its original and doesn't resemble any other teams logo . The background to me looks like it could be a water type of texture which also relates to the logo itself seeing as that San Diego is well known for their beaches.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Contrast, Balance, and Harmony

The picture I selected is a very scenic picture taken in Japan, a landscape with the silhouette of a torii gate in the foreground. The Japanese Kanji character at the bottom means "Harmony". This not only reflects the mood of the image, but also slightly hints at the Shinto religion's underlying principal, at least, from what I understand of it. The definition of a torii is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred. So as you can see this picture really reflects a lot of the Japanese culture. It also showcases psychological value seeing as that each object in the picture has such deeper meanings to them. I believe Gestalts principle of proximity could be applicable in this picture the way all the mountains are all grouped on one side of the photo. Gestalts figure/ground principle is also present in this picture, the torii gate is clearly separated from the background and everything else around it which is why that figure has so much value and meaning.

The harmony in this photo is the visually satisfying effect of how similar and adjacent the color scheme is on the right side of the photo where the mountains are, even the color from the reflection of the mountains in the water almost fall into the same color scheme as the actual mountains do, and also the shapes of the mountains are all similar.  The contrast is more so on the left side and on the top area of the photo portraying a light to dark effect. You can see right when the reflection of the mountain in the water ends, the water begins to brighten, also the brightness of the sky contrasts with the darkness of the mountains. This all combines to form a very exceptional balance in color throughout this photo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Visceral Response

I found this picture to be very beautiful so I decided to use it for my visceral response. The first thing that I noticed in this picture was the symmetrical effect the water supplies. I noticed the texture of the water which made me feel relaxed and/or at peace. I think the color is very well balanced with the contrast of the clouds, it really showcases the value in this picture with one side being brighter than the other in some parts. The way the buildings are aligned across from each other, you could almost draw a perfect line from one building across to the other. The other line that pops out at me is the line from the ocean in the far horizon, it's almost perfectly distributed from one side to another and shows just enough to see more beauty deeper inside the picture. This photo, to me, is my serenity.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


My name is Nathan Bernardo I am a Sophmore, majoring in Communications with a emphasis on mediated studies. I was born and raised in San Diego, California and this is my second semester here at Dixie.